How to GLOW on Your Wedding Day

So, you’ve found your makeup artist for you wedding day - but even with the most expensive products, a professional makeup application is only as good as your skin care routine, your daily water intake and the amount of regular sleep you are able to get! Here’s how to GLOW on your wedding day!

1. FACIALS - Consider pampering yourself with facials starting at least 3-6 months prior to your wedding day. Let them know when you are getting married so they may be able to help you reach your truest natural glow. Washing your face alone wont keep your pores clear. Your facialist will help clear out any dirt or makeup that a gentle cleanser can’t. We know that treating yourself to a spa day is a luxury expense so look into a spa that offers packages such as Facial Works - we are especially a fan of the famous Hydrafacial and Dermaplaning. (We are not associated or affiliated with Facial Works). 

2. DRINK LOTS OF WATER - Drinking water daily is the easiest way to flush your system of any toxins from the inside out - especially if you have a hart time giving up caffein. On average we are supposed to drink about a half a gallon a day but you can easily calculate the recommended amount based off of your weight by searching for a daily water intake calculator online. 

3. GUA SHA - Gua Sha is a facial massage technique that is designed to drain any lymphatic drainage. When performed routinely 1-2 times a day in the morning and evening, you will notice your natural features appearing more “lifted” and “tightened”.

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