How to Prep for your Hair & Makeup Preview

Bad hair days can happen, but they shouldn’t happen on your wedding day! That’s why your hair and makeup preview is so important. To get the most out of your appointment, here are 5 tips on how to prepare for your bridal hair and makeup preview.

1. PHOTOS - As artists, we are visual learners and photos will help us get to know how you envision yourself looking on your wedding day. When looking for inspiration photos, look for models or brides with whom you share similar features. For example, if you have olive or deeper skin search for makeup done on an actress who you might resemble. If you are blonde, search for hairstyles on blonde hair. The same textured updo on highlighted hair will look different on darker hair. 

2. BRING YOU ACCESSORIES - If you plan on wearing  any decorative pins or a veil be sure to bring these with you

3. WEAR WHITE - To best visualize your entire look, please wear white to your appointment. Wearing a top with loud colors or patterns will distract from the look and will make it more difficult to help you visualize the look as a whole. 

4. FRESH FACE AND CLEAN HAIR - Come to you appointment with a clean face (lip & face moisturizer are OK). Wash and Blowdry your hair the day before your appointment and avoid straightening your hair with a flatiron. Air-dried hair is NOT recommended as it tends to leave the hair heavy at the root. If you wish to use your natural curls for your hairstyle, please arrive with your curls prepped how you normally style them. 

5. FEEDBACK - Your feedback is encouraged! Dont be shy. If you don’t LOVE something, let us know! This appointment is specifically designed to get to know what you like and what you don’t like. 

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